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Want to have a real pirate experience? Drink rum and be the captain of your own life. Order it now at Bestel-thuis.nl your online ordering website.

How yo choose a liquor store that sells rum online at Bestel-thuis.nl.

You want to drink rum but you don't want to call all those liquor stores! It takes way to long to call them all. You are asking yourself if there isn't a faster way to do this. Why not order it online at Bestel-thuis.nl. Just fill in your zip code on the left side of this page and hit the search button. You will now see a list of liquor stores near you. Compare them and choose the right one for you.

How to order a bottle of rum.

Now that you made a choise on which liquor store fits you the base you can start placing your order. Click on the liquor store to see the assortment. Go to their rum section and check what you want. Press the plus sign behind the product to add it to your cart.If you've found one there, click on the plus next to it. You can take your time and look for other things that you would like to orde maybe some chips or some coke. You can keep hitting that plus button to add it to your cart. Got everything you wanted to order? Create an accoutn and choose a payment method to complete your order. Ordering rum easy as hell!

Why do people order rum online at Bestel-thuis.nl?:

  • Why should you go to the liquor store when the liquor store can come to you!
  • You can take your time while looking for the things you want.
  • Userfriendly website and staff.

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